Monday, March 14, 2011

S-L-O-W Sunday

This weekend I've just felt bored, lazy, blah.  I did some housework, grocery shopping, and cooking.  I have been trying to go for a walk every day, or several times per week, but yesterday I only walked for 1 mile and nothing today (except for the grocery store).  I guess that means I need a good, long walk tomorrow.

So what did I buy today?
  • rice, lentils and black beans
  • boneless, skinless chicken breasts and a big box of Farmer John spicy sausages (already ate 2...)
  • coconut oil
  • kale, green- and red-leaf lettuce, English cucumber, tomatoes, radishes, green onions, onions, sweet potatoes, red potatoes
  • nectarines, red bosch pears
  • big jar of green olives
  • vanilla almond milk
  • 2 heads of cabbage (to make sauerkraut!)
And I am FINALLY cooking the Thanksgiving turkey carcass in the crock pot.  It smells sooooooo good.  It's been going all day, and I will keep it on low all night long as well.  I will let it cool tomorrow so I can put it in jars (I'm anticipating 2-3 quarts, b/c there are a lot of bones).  Then I will cover the bones with water and do a second batch.  I only recently started doing that.  When I think of all the broth I could have had all these years...


  1. I didn't know you could do a second batch with the bones! Is the second broth just as strong/good?
    Amy J.

  2. Yup! You can do a second batch. It isn't as dark or rich, but still plenty good. I once did a third batch, but it wasn't worth the time. I typically dilute my broth when I make soup anyway, so "thinner" broth works fine.

    I also typically chop up onions (with the skins) and garlic and add to the pot; carrots, celery, and ginger, too, if I have them. This time I just used the carcass. The turkey had been mesquite-smoked, and I want to see how the flavor turns out on its own.