Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Focus

Okay, I didn't get a lot done today, didn't spend much time focusing on anything of particular interest.  I washed dishes, fixed three meals, took a walk, did some laundry, changed the sheets on my bed (LOVE clean sheets!), and am planning a shower before bed (because one must never ever go to bed with a dirty body on clean sheets!)  My hubby and I had a discussion about some plans, without coming to any decision.  Maybe we need to focus a little bit more on getting the information necessary to make this decision.

I did a little bit of thinking about this blog, but it wasn't very focused, more in-the-back-of-my-mind kind of thinking.  I want to make a new habit of coming here every day (or at least every other day) and posting something.  Anything. 

Today I want to share a photo of something I love to look at every day.  Something I thank God for everyday, in my heart, even when I don't say it aloud.

 Look at that!  Isn't that beautiful? 

My son knows how to focus; he gives his full attention to everything.  He uses all his senses and learns.  He sees, smells, touches, tastes, and hears.  And he remembers.  What I love best is when we are gazing into each others' eyes, focused on each other, loving each other.  Yes, he is a baby, but I know he loves and adores me, as do I him.  In those moments, nothing else matters.  Of course, those moments pass all too swiftly because there are so many things he wants to do, he can't sit around all day just looking at his Mommy. 

And that is okay.  Because I know he will want me again soon enough.  I love how he now comes to get me when he's hungry or tired or wet.  I still have to figure out what exactly he needs, I have to focus on him and not the distractions around me, and he is so happy when I pick him up and take care of him.  And I truly am happy, too.  <3

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